We are a very welcoming group both musically & socially.

Anyone looking for a band or visiting the area is always welcome to come along to practice.

We have a very busy schedule and are always in need of additional players.

Please contact the band if you are interested in joining our team.

Conductor Stuart Gray
Soprano Gillian McCain
Cornets Billy Bradshaw
Gill Wakeling
Kendall Skirving
Glenis Smith
Dave Sykes
Diane Rabot
Ian Harris
Lucy Harris
Harry Brooks
Andrew Marshall
James Hegginbottom
Monica Lesley Jefferies
Flugel Phillipa Smith
Horns Julie Carmichael
Eve Wardle
Tommy Burns Heather Ward
Baritones Kathleen Price Laura Dunphy Bill McDonald
Euphs Lydia Matterson Brad Long Owen Morris
Troms David Peel Garry Stevens Gary Tough
Basses Alan Mowle
Isaac Conroy
Ian Lowes
Rob Gilchrist
Molly Alderson
Percussion Bethany Robson Ethan Skirving